Toppik Hair Building Fibers
簡便、快速、自然增加您的髮量 (非生髮)


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The following review appeared in The Hair Transplant Forum, the
official publication of The International Society of Hair Transplant Surgeons.

Hair Transplant Forum International January/Volume 13, Number 1 February 2003

Toppik Enhances Patient Experience

Craig L. Ziering, DO New York, New York

Forthe past year, we have offered Toppik Hair Building Fibers to our patients to observe the product’s effectiveness as a cosmetic cover-up, and its value aspart of the patient’s overall treatment.

Toppik is a “shake-on” product manufactured by Spencer Forrest, Inc., a 20-year-old company who also produces a similar product, Courve. Spencer Forrest creates productsfordaily use that thicken the hair and conceal any signs of scalp showthrough. These products areideal for patients immediately after transplant surgery to conceal signs of
surgery or any
post-operative thinning until the grafts begin to grow. They are also used to conceal hair loss
for patients who are postponing surgery but want a temporary solution. They can be used in conjunction with minoxidil and Propecia
®to showimmediate results for patients who hope to ultimately experience an increase in
hair shaft diameter and regrowth. They can also be used to supplement density in patients with very limited donor hair.

A jar of Toppik Fiber contains keratin protein fibers (derived from wool), which come in eight differentcolors to match mostshades of hair. The fibers cling to existing hair, including the finest vellus hairs, by virtue of a static electrical charge that causes a magnet-likeattraction to human hair. When shaken into a thinning area, the fibers are usually indistinguishable from real hair in appropriate candidates, even to thetrained eye. While they are resistant to wind, rain, and perspiration, ToppikFibers remove easily with any shampoo.

The product is remarkably effective in achieving its stated goal. In most cases, patients’ thinning hair immediately looks far thicker. This has been true for both men andwomen with a wide range of hair conditions. Postoperatively, we recommend thatit not be used until crusts have formed, and may subsequently be safely applied. One of its greatest virtues is in masking any post-operative thinning, and ineffectively concealing any crusts or other signs of the procedure immediatelypost-operative.

I find it mostbeneficial in men and women with diffuse thinning. It is tremendously useful for patients to use during the waiting and early growth phase post-operatively (2weeks–6 months, men; 2 weeks–8 months, women).

Because it provides immediate gratification, it is remarkable to watch the morale transformation for patients severely troubled and discouraged by their loss and yet limited indonor hair or money, or who are approaching their restoration with smallsurgical sessions over an extended period of time.

We have observed no negative responses to Toppik (no irritation, infection, reaction, etc.) and a very high level of satisfaction. We have also found this type of product to bean excellent means of maintaining contact with prospective hair transplantpatients who are not quite ready to commit to surgery. Quite a few of these people later returned to schedule surgery after repeatedly contacting our officefor reorders of Toppik.

The company has just created complimentary “starter kits” that will contain small bottles of all 8 colors of Toppik. To obtain them, you may contact Spencer Forrest, Inc.directly.

Dr. Ziering has no financial interest in any Spencer Forrest products. 
Dr. Ziering是在美國知名的皮膚科醫師,專長為頭髮移植


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